Event Review: Skid Pan Advanced Driving @ Zwartkops

Skids and slides as you know it, are as dangerous as they are fun. Our annual event attempts to wipe that danger factor out and keep you in control.

The TTCC held our annual Skid Control and Collision Avoidance course on the Skid Pan at Zwartkops Raceway on Saturday 29th of March. With Toyota Advanced Driving present, we had a confident bunch of newbies and pros eager to learn and test their skills.

The committee had the venue set up nice and early, while our helpful members led the convoys to the Z. With everyone together, TAD’s well versed instructors briefed us all in what traction and control is all about, how to keep it, how to lose it, and how to regain it. With the theory out of the way, TTCC’s live test dummy Nishan did a few demonstrations so we could get an idea of what the practical exercise should look like.

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Next Event: Skid Pan @ Zwartkops (29-03)


Here it is! One of the events that everyone waits for!

Collision avoidance and skid control training + playing on the skidpan.

What better way to spend a Saturday morning?

The TTCC is a firm believer in creating and promoting safe driving, driver awareness and preparation – for whatever driving-related scenario you may find yourself in. The Skidpan event, held annually at Zwartkops Raceway, assists drivers in mastering skid control and collision avoidance. On the Skidpan, the Toyota Advanced Driving (TAD) Instructors will take drivers through this comprehensive course and simulate emergency situations dealing with: – ABS braking – Cadence braking – Lane changes – Skid Control – Oversteer – Understeer

Pre-register by emailing the following details to events@twincamclub.co.za
- Name
- Vehicle make & model
- Regsitration number
- Contact number
- Email address

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Event Review: AGM @ Zwartkops

A warm welcome to all Toyota fans and club members. We’re in 2014 and to formally kick start the year we had our annual general meeting at Zwartkops Raceway on Sunday the 2nd of March.

This being a formal event where we generally introduce the committee and the attractions for the new year. We couldn’t just stop there though. A full Show ‘n Shine, Dyno and Rev-It competition was held to yet again showcase some of the country’s best…

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Next Event: AGM @ Zwartkops (02-03)


Next on the calendar is our AGM which will be held at Zwartkops Raceway on 2 March 2014.

Pre-bookings are now open for the Dyno and Show & Shine.

Dyno: R100 members & R150 non-members
Pre-register by emailing your Name, Surname, Car make, model and registration to events@twincamclub.co.za 
A. N/A Toyota Classes: Open to ALL Toyota / Lexus powered vehicles
- 16v class -> 4A-F(E) / 4A-GE / 7A-F(E) / 7A-G(E) / 3S-GE / 1ZZ-FE / 2ZR-FE / etc – or any other 16v Toyota engine not otherwise categorized in any other class.
- 20v class -> 4A-G(E) / 7A-G(E)
- X class -> 2ZZ-GE powered vehicles only
- 86 class -> Toyota 86 only
- 6 cyl -> all Toyota / Lexus 6-cyl powered vehicles
- 8 cyl -> all Toyota / Lexus 8-cyl powered vehicles

B. Boosted Toyota classes: Open to ALL Toyota / Lexus powered vehicles with
any ONE of the following: Turbocharger/Supercharger/Nitrous
- 4 cyl Turbo
- 4 cyl Supercharged
- 6 cyl

C. Open Class: Open to all manufacturers
- NA
- Boosted

Trophies awarded to the first place in all the classes.

Show and shine: R50 for members, R80 for non-members
Pre-book to have your own shaded parking bay (70 shaded spots available) Email your Name, Surname, Car registration, Make, model to events@twincamclub.co.za
- “Queen Bee” (Best lady’s car)
- “As it rolled off the showroom floor” (Best Standard)
- “From the land of the Rising Sun” (Best Import)
- “Passion for Performance” (Best Modified – Performance)
- “If looks could kill” (Best Modified – Styling)
- “Sound in motion” (Best I.C.E)
- “Neat & discreet” (OEM Plus)
- “Highest Mileage”
- “ Lowest Mileage”
- “One Toy to rule them all” (Best Overall, qualify for at least 4/7 classes)
* Open to Toyota & Lexus vehicles
* Trophies awarded to first place in each category

Rev-It: R20 members and R50 non-members
- 4 or less cyl
- 6 or more cyl
- Sweetest sound – the crowd pleaser
* Open to all vehicles.
* Trophies awarded to the first place Toyota / Lexus in each class.

DON’T forget to pre-register for the Show ‘n Shine and Dyno to avoid disappointment!
Pre-register by emailing your Name, Surname, Car make, model and registration to: events@twincamclub.co.za 

Event Review: KWO Braai Run

TTCC and MOCSA combined efforts once again, working towards a worthy cause and we both are proud to announce the success of our joint venture.

The initiative kicked off with a charity dyno day held at Rightway Development during November 2013. All proceeds and donations were combined and club members along with followers joined a breakfast braai run to the deserving NPOs,  the Paul Jungnickel Home and the Kungwini Welfare Organisation…

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Next Event: KWO Braai Run (25-01)

KWO Braai Run


So we’re kicking off this year’s event calendar (and closing off last year’s calendar) with a Braai Run to our selected charity for 2013 – The Paul Jungnickel Home of Kungwini Welfare Organization (www.kwo.org.za). Upon arrival, we will hand over all that donations we have collected previously and whatever other donation items which are brought through on the day. See below for wish list items, and collection updates.

This event is a joint venture with MOCSA (Mazda Owners Club of South Africa)

When: Saturday, 25 January 2014
Where: Paul Jungnickel Home, Plot 214, Lynnwood Road, Pretoria East
Time: Arrive at 10h30

Convoy meet-up points and departure times:
Midrand -> Shell Ultra City N1 Northbound - departs here at 09h00
Olifantsfontein -> Engen 1-Stop, R21 Northbound - departs here at 09h00
Pretoria -> BP Atterbury Road - departs here at 10h00

Please bring through any more donation items you may have!

Please bring through whatever you feel you will need to bring for your braai – camp chairs, condiments, braai tools, beverages.

The TTCC usually prefers to support organizations which receive minimal or no form of government assistance. In the case of KWO, they do receive some government assistance, but with the mammoth task that they face, it is simply not enough.

The organization:
KWO supports people with mental disabilities, and they support several projects, particularly in rural areas.

The projects they support:
- Paul Jungnickel Home for over 140 adult persons with disabilities.
- Vocational Therapy Unit (Protective Workshop) for people with disabilities
- Kungwini Early Learning Centre (Boschkop) for over 100 children between ages of 2 – 6 years.
- Kungwini Early Learning Centre (Zwavelpoort) for over 25 children between ages of 2 – 6 years.
- Kungwini Early Learning Centre (Lethabong) for over 70 children between ages of 2 – 6 years.
- Kungwini Community Development
- Children’s Home for 20 boys between ages of 12 – 18 years
- Drop-In Centre for children between 6 – 12 years
- Social Work Services
- Nickel Market: This is in support of people with disabilities and job creation for unemployed women and youth.

The areas they service:
- Zwartkoppies, Pienaarspoort, Donkerhoek, Lethabong
- Mooiplaats, Mooiplaats East, Zwavelpoort
- Shere, Rhenosterfontein, Tygervalley
- Boschkop, Tweedracht, Swaeltjie
- Silver Lakes, Wapandrand, Tierpoort
- Klipkop, Bashewa, Kleinzonderhout

KWO Needs:
Adult Diapers
The Paul Jungnickel Home has a number of incontinent residents. The Home does not receive any form of assistance from any structure in providing residents with diapers.

Washing Powder, Bleach, Fabric Softener, Toilet Paper, Refuse Bags, Dishwashing Soap, Brooms, Mops.

Any second hand clothing is always welcome. The Organisation provides the vast majority of those involved in all the projects with clothing. Once the needs of the projects are satisfied, remaining clothing is sold at our second hand shops in order to assist with fundraising for the Organisation.

The Organisation is always in need of the following food stock:
Maize Meal, Oats, Rice, Pasta
Margarine, Jam, Peanut butter, Marmite, Vinegar, Tomato Sauce
Potatoes, Carrots, Spinach, Pumpkin, Green Beans, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetables are processed, prepacked and frozen at the Organisation’s central storerooms.
Any meat – chicken, polonie, viennas, mince, wors, fish
Treats, nice to have’s – ice – cream, sweets, chips, cookies
Powder Milk, Eggs, Cheese

Crepe 100mm
Crepe 75mm
Gauze swaps 10cm x 10cm

Lomotil 2mg tablets

Latex gloves
Valoid suppository
Zinc and castor ointment

Cold and Flu Medication
Saline nostralspray
ACC bruistablette
Zinc tablets
Cough syrup
Vicks ointment
Duolin solution for inhalation

Pain Pills

Hibertane in water
Micropore plaster
Sibicor ointment
Intrasite gel
TB co/Frairs blasem
Toothpaste, roll-on, shampoo,
disposable razors, soap, toilet
paper, toothbrushes, body lotion, disposable pads.
- Surgical Gloves;
- Vitamin C Tablets;
- Any over the counter cough syrup;
- Paracetamol;
- Pectralyte
- Crepe bandage;
- Valoid;
- Acucheck active glucose test strips; and
- Bactroban ointment
OR you can donate funds directly into their DISCHEM ACCOUNT:
Account Name: Dis-Chem Hazeldean
Bank: Nedbank
Account Nr: 128 4126 528
Branch Code: 128 405


Event Review: Dyno Day @ Rightway

Write-up and results are bring uploaded!

Check out the pics HERE.

Next Event: Kungwini Dyno @ Rightway Developments (30-11-2013)

KWO Dyno Day (Rightway) 2013