Event Review: Dyno Day @ Schalk’s Conversions

TTCC were back this winter with our first power event of the year and the legendary Boxie builder Schalk from Schalk’s Conversions kindly hosted us on the 28th of June at his fine premises in Kempton Park.

Battling against the cold, we convoyed to the location of where some of the countries mental 2JZ Boxie conversions have been stabled. Schalk waited in anticipation as we drove in and filled up his parking lot with some of Jozi’s sweetest Toyotas. The weather and a very consistent and accurate dyno made for really comparable figures between participants. Learning how cars respond to different mods and upgrades surely had everyone going. Conversations sparked and warmed things up for everyone…


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Next Event: Dyno @ Schalk’s Conversions (28-06)

Schalks Dyno Day - 2014

We’re building up to our first power-event of the year… it’s time to count those ponies!!

Date: Saturday, 28 June 2014
Time: 08h00 – 17h00
Venue: Schalk’s Conversion’s
Plot 1
Unit 3
Kempton Park

Venue: McDonald’s Woodmead
Departure Time: 07h30

Members: R100
Non-Members: R150

N/A Toyota Classes:
Open to ALL Toyota / Lexus powered vehicles
– 16v class -> 4A-F(E) / 4A-GE / 7A-F(E) / 7A-G(E) / 3S-GE / 1ZZ-FE / 2ZR-FE / etc – or any other 16v Toyota engine not otherwise categorized in any other class.
– 20v class -> 4A-G(E) / 7A-G(E)
– X class -> 2ZZ-GE powered vehicles only
– 86 class -> Toyota 86 only
– 8 cyl -> all Toyota / Lexus 8-cyl powered vehicles

Boosted Toyota classes:
Open to ALL Toyota / Lexus powered vehicles with any ONE of the following: Turbocharger/Supercharger/Nitrous
– 4 cyl Supercharged
– 4 cyl Turbocharged
– 6 cyl

Open Class:
Open to all manufacturers
– NA
– Boosted

To Note:
* This event is open to all vehicles, all manufacturers.
* Trophies awarded to first place in each Toyota / Lexus class.

Event Review: Full Circuit Advanced Driving

More often than not people tend to make flashy purchases of the latest sports cars and saloons. Big price tags and equally big egos until the vehicle gets parked up a tree in some local suburb. Here with the Twin Cam Club we take pride in those possessions and help you enjoy them and try keep you safe as well. Yet again, this May the TTCC held our annual advanced driving and full circuit event at the Z. With the capable Toyota Advanced Driving (TAD) instructors by our sides we took to the track to brush up those driving skills…


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Next Event: Full Circuit Advanced Driving (25-05)

Track Day - 2014

Following a great Skid Pan Advanced Driving event, and then a relaxing social, we’re happy to inform you all that we’re going straight into the one event no one wants to miss – Full Circuit Advanced Driving.

There will be a full complement of Toyota Advanced Drivers on hand to instruct from beginners to advanced.

Venue: Zwartkops Raceway
Date: Sunday, 25 May
Registration opens: 08h00
Drivers briefing: 09H15
Event commences: 10h00 – 16h00

Caltex Maxi’s N1 Northbound: Convoy departs 07h30
Sasol Circle Centre R55: Convoy departs 07H45

Members: R420
Non-members: R480
Passengers: R50
Spectators: FREE

1. Helmets – we will have some for use, but if you have your own, please bring them through.
2. Long sleeved shirts – required to cover your arms up to your wrists
3. Closed shoes – no flops / sandals etc.
4. Drivers are not permitted to consume alcohol before or during the event.
5. Tyre pressures are recommended to over-inflated for circuit use. (usually around 2.5 – 2.8bar)
6. All vehicles will be strictly scrutinized to meet the basic requirements – no fluid leaks, secure seatbelts and steering wheels, no loose objects in the vehicle, etc.

Pre-register and avoid disappointment!
We will be assigning specific places in the Pits for entrants as they register, so each car/driver will have their set places in the Pits…so no-one will “borrow” your parking spot in the pits while you are on circuit.

Send us a mail at events@twincamclub.co.za with the following details:
– Name & surname
– Vehicle make and model
– Vehicle(s) registration number
– Contact number (preferably mobile)



Next Event: Breakfast Run & Social (26-04)

Social - 2014

Our next event is a Breakfast Run which takes us on a route around Johannesburg which will bring us to our venue where the family can relax and unwind for the day, and have a braai & potjie at Rooihuiskraal Terrain.

Bring the picnic basket, braai vleis, potjie or whatever you feel like munching on…and bring the family along for a fun day out with the Toyo’s at the Park…

Please bring along your food, beverage and charcoal requirements. Braai stands are available at the venue in limited numbers, so we suggest you bring along your own braai / potjie pot as well.

Feel free to bring along any activities you like – volleyball,  games etc.

Date: Saturday, 26 April
Central convoy meeting point: McDonald’s Woodmead.
Meeting Time: 08h30
Departure Time: 09h00

In order for us to cater for sufficient space, if you would like to attend, please send us a mail at: events@twincamclub.co.za with the number of people / cars attending.

See you all at the Breakfast Run!

Event Review: Skid Pan Advanced Driving @ Zwartkops

Skids and slides as you know it, are as dangerous as they are fun. Our annual event attempts to wipe that danger factor out and keep you in control.

The TTCC held our annual Skid Control and Collision Avoidance course on the Skid Pan at Zwartkops Raceway on Saturday 29th of March. With Toyota Advanced Driving present, we had a confident bunch of newbies and pros eager to learn and test their skills.

The committee had the venue set up nice and early, while our helpful members led the convoys to the Z. With everyone together, TAD’s well versed instructors briefed us all in what traction and control is all about, how to keep it, how to lose it, and how to regain it. With the theory out of the way, TTCC’s live test dummy Nishan did a few demonstrations so we could get an idea of what the practical exercise should look like.

Read the full story HERE!


Next Event: Skid Pan @ Zwartkops (29-03)


Here it is! One of the events that everyone waits for!

Collision avoidance and skid control training + playing on the skidpan.

What better way to spend a Saturday morning?

The TTCC is a firm believer in creating and promoting safe driving, driver awareness and preparation – for whatever driving-related scenario you may find yourself in. The Skidpan event, held annually at Zwartkops Raceway, assists drivers in mastering skid control and collision avoidance. On the Skidpan, the Toyota Advanced Driving (TAD) Instructors will take drivers through this comprehensive course and simulate emergency situations dealing with: – ABS braking – Cadence braking – Lane changes – Skid Control – Oversteer – Understeer

Pre-register by emailing the following details to events@twincamclub.co.za
– Name
– Vehicle make & model
– Regsitration number
– Contact number
– Email address

Check out last year’s Skid Pan pics HERE

Event Review: AGM @ Zwartkops

A warm welcome to all Toyota fans and club members. We’re in 2014 and to formally kick start the year we had our annual general meeting at Zwartkops Raceway on Sunday the 2nd of March.

This being a formal event where we generally introduce the committee and the attractions for the new year. We couldn’t just stop there though. A full Show ‘n Shine, Dyno and Rev-It competition was held to yet again showcase some of the country’s best…

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