The Toy’s came. The owners saw. The club conquered.

The Toyota Twin Cam Club started off the 2012 events schedule with our AGM and Show ‘n Shine. Returning to the Zwartkops Raceway for the first time in many years, this event saw a record turnout of around 50 Toyotas pitching up, and some really epic Twin Cams graced the equally epic racetrack surroundings.  Whether that was to enter, or simply just to attend, the Toyota fans came out in much bigger numbers than the previous 5 years.

To start the day off though, a Toy Convoy was held from the New Road Interchange on the N1 highway in Midrand a few hours earlier. The Convoy met up at the Caltex/Maxi’s, and while there were some communications problems after some guys met up underneath the bridge itself, all the cars met up a few hundred metres down the highway. The convoy got some great exposure to the public after they saw such an awesome display of mobile Twin Cams. We got plenty of pictures of the convoy on the move too!

A proverbial spanner in the works nearly caused an adverse start to the day’s proceedings when the designated area to be used for the event was found to be filled up by spectators of other events happening at Zwartkops, but problems were averted at the finding of an alternate part of the Raceway where we could fit all the cars.

So after relocating, a warm welcome was extended to the attendees by the TTCC’s Chairman and the new committee was introduced. After that, the new format of the event was explained – the major change being the revision of classes, as well as the addition of new classes.

The old format of the event consisted of: Best Standard Best Modified Best Import Best Overall

While the new format catered for:
“Queen Bee” (Best lady’s car)
“As it rolled off the showroom floor” (Best Standard)
“From the land of the Rising Sun” (Best Import)
“Passion for Performance” (Best Modified – Performance)
“If looks could kill” (Best Modified – Styling)
“Sound in motion” (Best I.C.E)
“Neat & discreet” (OEM Plus)
“One Toy to rule them all” (Best Overall,  qualify for at least 4/7 classes)

Now increased to 8 classes from the original 4, the new classes clearly raised interest with many different Toyota drivers. Once voting got underway, it clear that the voters were having a difficult time deciding which cars to vote for. Who could blame them, with the amount of hot Toyotas that were there?

The Show ‘n Shine went very well – some amazing cars entered for the eight categories. While we only had one entry for the “Queen Bee – Best Lady’s Car” category, we’re certain that we’ll have more entries in that category at the next Show ‘n Shine. It’s not like the guys will be complaining about having more ladies around… The names of the winners and photos of their cars have been posted to the club’s Facebook page and onto the official website.

After all was said, done, and voted for, the votes were tallied up. Most of the classes were hotly contested, with either 2 votes or 1 vote determining the winner.

“Queen Bee” – Toyota Yaris TS – Alycia Ramlucken
“As it rolled off the showroom floor” – ’83 Toyota Corolla – Sameer Ali
“From the land of the Rising Sun” – Lexus IS300 -Biren Maharaj
“Passion for Performance” – Toyota Corolla RXi Turbo – Neil Beepraj
“If looks could kill” – Toyota Corolla 160i Poovanesan Naidoo
“Sound in motion” – Toyota Conquest RSE – Naven Moodley
“Neat & discreet” – Toyota Corolla GLi Twincam Executice – Gerard Benedict
“One Toy to rule them all” – Lexus IS300 – Biren Maharaj

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all who supported the event, making it a success.

In the end, the committee is incredibly happy and very pleased that the AGM was such a brilliant success. We had quite a few comments from some attendees saying that if this is the way club events are going to happen for the rest of the year, it’s going to be a great year for the club. We hope so too! And we think that it’s the members who will be the ultimate help in growing this club.

Pictures of the AGM have been uploaded onto the 2012 Gallery.

Article by Steven Darge
Images by Kimesh Naidoo