Racetracks. Normally, they’re for racecars. But every now and then, a few road cars take to the track to show their drivers what they can really do. The Toyota Twin Cam Club of South Africa held its biggest event of the year, the Full Circuit Advanced Driving Day, on the 29th of July. With more than 40 cars (not just Twin Cams) at the event, it was a day to remember, especially for those who put their cars on the Zwartkops Raceway for the first time.

We were very pleased to see so many cars on the day; we had filled all the pit garages before any cars had even been around the Z. With a club record number of MR2’s (a grand total of 8) from over three decades and a special appearance by an equally special Mark IV Supra, there was no shortage of track action. Included in the tally were numerous Twin Cams from the late 80s and early 90s, as well as a few late 90s RSi’s and RXi’s. Many a RunX RSi also pitched on the day, and a few other manufacturers were also represented.

Another record was the number of female competitors, and we hope to see even more support from the ladies at out upcoming events.

This was not a track day. We were very lucky to be graced with the presence of the Toyota Advanced Driving Instructors and some well-respected circuit drivers, who were willing (and somewhat brave) to show the drivers exactly how to master many aspects like the correct driving position, acceleration, braking, steering and gear control, apexing and the correct line to stick to through Zwartkops’ very exciting corners and straights. The skills that the instructors taught the drivers are invaluable and can be used everyday, especially since learning how to control one’s car is so very important on our roads. It is, after all, all about safety and the Full Circuit Advanced Driving Day was no exception. No overtaking was permitted around corners and any silly moves would result in a permanent pit stop. The drivers were also split into three categories depending on their skill: novice, intermediate and expert. This made things even safer. But as a result of an honest mistake, one MR2 did come away with some slight cosmetic damage. Even though nobody was hurt in the accident, one ego was seriously bruised…

All in all, everyone had a great time which made us very proud. The weather was ideal, the cars looked the business and moved just as well and spirits were high. A very big thank you to all the participants who managed to make it on the day and we hope everyones driving skills have been altered for the better! From the feedback we have received, it is apparent that many participants are now more confident drivers.

Most Improved Female: Christelle Guse
Most Conistent Female: Pamela Sitlu
Most Improved Male: Ramlan Luchmohan
Most Consistent Male: Mohammed Hussain
The Driving Force Award: Richard Millar

Article by Steven Darge