As is customary with the TTCC, every years event calendar begins with the AGM. This year was no different in that aspect, but we decided that with the club due to celebrate 25 years in existence later on this year, this AGM had to be very different in every other aspect, making this AGM like no other before it.  We took the usually sedate AGM (which usually is usually just a Show ‘n Shine,  general meet and greet, and an introduction to the committee) and turned it into a not-to-be-missed Toyota enthusiasts dream come true. And the committee, sponsors, suppliers and enthusiasts alike, did not fail to disappoint!

Toy-boys and gals started turning up in large numbers to support the event, armed with their most prized possessions…their beloved Toyotas. Whether it was shining them up to show them off, running them on the rolling road, setting-off car alarms with their crazy sound installs, battling it out for the highest exhaust decibels or just coming to watch it all happen and see some of the best Toyotas around, there were Toyotas to please whatever fancy tickled you…

A few outrageously immaculate RWD Corollas came through to give us a flavour from the old school, while every variant of the front-wheel-driven Conquests, Corollas and RunX’s showed us that variety is certainly the spice of life by showcasing everything from pristine original condition cars, to insane engine swaps and great body styling. The imports and sports cars were equally impressive…featuring many an MR2 spanning all 3 generations, several of the mighty Supra, and Toyota’s latest phenomenon to take the world by storm, the 86, of which we spotted just about every colour, and though still fairly young in the SA market, many of these gorgeous 86’s were already sporting tasteful changes.

This time we even had something for the younger crowd – some drag races for the kiddies using our “specially modified” Toyota Trikes. And to settle an ongoing debate about which is better, turbo-charged or normally aspirated, even the adults had some fun doing “drag-racing” using two of the committee’s cars. No, we have not lost our minds to give them our cars to drive…remember…we said “drag race.” And that’s exactly what they did – literally drag a normally aspirated MR2 vs a turbocharged one….and whichever team of two people could get all 4 tyres over the finish line was declared the winner. After a few rounds of drag-racing, a clear winner emered…and would you believe that normally aspirated won 3 out of 4 runs!

The TTCC would like to thank:
Project Shift
Rolan’s Fitment Centre
Adrenalin Motor Sport
Violet Electronics
Works Engineering
ATE Brakes
Drift Performance
Mag Doctor
Dr. Decibel
Rand Stadium Toyota
Pretoria North Toyota

…and the BIGGEST thank you of all, goes out to all the events attendees…its because of motoring enthusiasts like you that makes an event a success or a failure – and judging by the turnout, this was our most successful event yet! If this is the response that can be expected for events going forward, we assure you that the TTCC will go out of our way to ensure events can only get bigger and better!

We look forward to having everyone continue to support the TTCC’s forthcoming events for the year. Remember Toyota fanatics, this is YOUR club!

Results of the events will be posted up shortly…but so long, here’s the pictures for you to drool over:

Dyno Results:

Ruben Fourie 94 205 2006 VW Caddy Turbo Other: Boosted 4cyl
Bryan Son 134 207 Honda Civic Other: Boosted 4cyl
Desigan Katharayan 221 370 2007 Honda Accord Turbo Other: Boosted 4cyl WINNER
Andy Ackerman 128 442 BMW 330D Other: Boosted 6cyl
Charl van der Walt 224 392 Nissan 300ZX Other: Boosted 6cyl WINNER
Devon Clark 177 363 BMW 135i Other: Boosted 6cyl
Shyam Kommal 112.1 135 Honda S2000 Other: N/A 4cyl WINNER
Cobus Briedenhaan 71.5 130 2013 Volvo C30 Other: N/A 4cyl
Neesh Gopaul 150.1 251 BMW M3 Other: N/A 6cyl WINNER
Brett Ruthnam 129.1 98 BMW Z4 Other: N/A 6cyl
Fuzz 130.9 207 BMW M3 Other: N/A 6cyl
Heinrich Guse 158.7 207 2003 Toyota RunX RSi Turbo Toyota: Boosted 4cyl WINNER
Richard Millar 140.3 232 Toyota Tazz TC Turbo Toyota: Boosted 4cyl
Rajiv Hurribunce 105.7 156 2007 Toyota RunX TRD SC Toyota: Boosted 4cyl
Nishan Sitlu 149 269 2001 Toyota MR2 Turbo Toyota: Boosted 4cyl
Llewellyn Duvenhage 177.8 335 1994 Toyota Supra Mk4 Toyota: Boosted 6cyl
Wesley Moodley 215.5 374 1992 Toyota Supra Mk3 Toyota: Boosted 6cyl
Dane McEwan 384.4 633 1996 Toyota Supra Mk4 Toyota: Boosted 6cyl WINNER
Patrick Pereira 75.9 124 2001 Toyota MR2 Toyota: N/A 16v WINNER
Christelle Guse 70.3 126 2009 Toyota Yaris TS Toyota: N/A 16v
Muhammed Makda 76.1 108 2000 Toyota Corolla RXi Toyota: N/A 20v
Waldo Pretorius 69.2 103 2000 Toyota Corolla RXi Toyota: N/A 20v
Vivian Grobler 74.5 108 2000 Toyota Corolla RXi Toyota: N/A 20v
Richard Millar 67 110 2007 Toyota Tazz 20v Toyota: N/A 20v
Rudell Appigadu 75.2 106 2000 Toyota Corolla RXi Toyota: N/A 20v
James Laughton 68.9 107 Toyota Conquest 20v Toyota: N/A 20v
Lainy Guse 73.1 106 1990 Toyota Corolla GLi 20v Toyota: N/A 20v
Farhaad Bhamjee 73.2 103 2000 Toyota Corolla RXi Toyota: N/A 20v
Yagyaa Adams 76.5 115 2001 Toyota Corolla RXi Toyota: N/A 20v
Angelo Charalambous 82.2 126 1999 Toyota Corolla RXi Toyota: N/A 20v WINNER
Vishay Antar 77 120 1998 Toyota Corolla RSi Toyota: N/A 20v
Terrence Kommal 91.7 137 2013 Toyota 86 Toyota: N/A 86
Alan Groom 91.8 140 2013 Toyota 86 Toyota: N/A 86 WINNER
Nishen Misra 87.8 130 2012 Toyota 86 Toyota: N/A 86
JJ Steyn 192.7 322 Lexus IS-F Toyota: N/A 8cyl WINNER
Vivasen Govender 88.2 121 2007 Toyota RunX TRD Toyota: N/A X
Yudhesh Naidu 90.2 120 2007 Toyota RunX TRD Toyota: N/A X
Wesley Govender 101.5 135 2002 Toyota MR2 2ZZ Toyota: N/A X WINNER
Righardt Guse 100.6 140 2006 Toyota RunX TRD Toyota: N/A X
Himal Harilal 93 123 2006 RunX RSi Toyota: N/A X

Rev-it! Results:
Presently being uploaded

Show ‘n Shine Results: 
Queen Bee – Christelle Guse -> 2009 Yaris TS
As it rolled off the Showroom floor – Joe Lala -> 1991 Corolla GLi Twin Cam
Passion for Performance – Heinrich Guse -> 2003 RunX RSi
If Looks Could Kill –  Tony Lala -> 2003 RunX RSi
From the Land of the Rising Sun – Llewellyn Duvenhage -> 1996 Supra Mk4
Neat and Discreet –  Abel Martins -> 1988 Conquest RSi Twin Cam 16v
Sound in Motion – Patrick Pereira -> 2001 MR2 Spyder
One Toy to Rule them All – Tony Lala -> 2003 RunX RSi