by Rajiv Hurribunce & Kimesh Naidoo

It was that time of the year again, and to warm up this winter dyno day Rob Green Motorsport collaborated with us to make one of the largest dyno days the club has hosted.  As you have come to expect both teams were up early and started preparations from 7am and were ready to run within the hour. At this part of the morning, being winter, we didn’t expect much…but contrary to that belief, the queue had already made its way down the road outside RGM’s premises. Rob and his team were very accommodating and gave us full usage of their spectacular workshop and offices, and this assisted us to co-ordinate everything as best we could.

On with the good stuff…the people and the cars! Our usual faces were on the scene bright and early. The queue quickly started filling up with some of the best Toyota’s around. The Supra’s and 86’s ran the day for sure – those rear wheel drive hotties really know how to steal the spotlight! The Supra’s were…well…Supra’s. Nuff said really – it’s the one name in motoring circles that, almost 20 years since the last one was produced, still strikes fear in the minds and hearts of racers everywhere. The 86’s are quickly proving to be the new success-story for the Toyota brand. The numbers of these gorgeous cars have been steadily increasing at TTCC events, and this time as well, there was no shortage of 86 eye-candy around. With variety being the spice of life, no two were the same, and some were already sporting quite a detailed list of changes. And one change that should definitely be on the list of any 86 owner seeking more grunt, yet retaining the car’s much raved about balance…was the RGM Supercharger kit.

RGM wowed the crowds with Jacques (the Stiglet) Joubert behind the wheel of their latest creation, the RGM Supercharged 86. The Stiglet piloted passengers around the block explaining the R&D behind their conversion and for them to get a feel of what the car is capable of. Needless to say, it was awesome! The general consensus of those that stepped out of the car afterwards was: “This is what the car should have been like from the factory.” Well, I guess you can only make a good thing better…

Results were pretty good; the 86’s were running strong with the big bunch of MyHonda Forum guys with their fleet of FN2 Type R’s. It was awesome having more JDM fans hooking up with us and made for some good comparisons on the rollers.

Steve and the dyno staff from RGM did an excellent job with the dyno runs, always engaging with the owners, and were always eager to get more and more. Our Supra boys did us proud, throwing out some pretty amazing figures on low boost. Some big power Opel’s from the Speed & Sound Army showed up and did some amazing exhibition runs, wowing the crowd. There were a few eyebrow raisers on the rollers – Walter Perfect’s beautifully-maintained 392kw Astra TS, Hein Griesel’s flawlessly built “brute-Ute” 2JZ Hilux, and also RGM’s own Supercharged 86.

All in all it was a day crammed full of near impeccable arrangements: an excellent host in RGMotorsport; huge support from Speed & Sound Magazine, Ignition TV, the TTCC club members and the public; Pitstop Cafe; and most certainly all the attendees who made this a great event. A great big thank you to everyone that participated, spectated, orientated and associated with us and RGM. We look forward to seeing you all again for the next event. Check out the TTCC website, forum, and media pages for more info.

Class Name Car Make KW Winner
Toyota N/A Classes    
16V Kimesh MR2 81.4 X
20V Angelo Corolla RXi 93.8 X
20V James Conquest 160i Sport 85.4
X (2ZZ-GE) Thags MR2 123.5 X
X (2ZZ-GE) Righardt RunX TRD 115.3
X (2ZZ-GE) Yuveshen RunX RSi 111.1
X (2ZZ-GE) Vivasen RunX TRD 108.3
X (2ZZ-GE) Huzaifah RunX RSi 108
X (2ZZ-GE) Yudhesh RunX TRD 103.1
86 Victor 86 125.5 X
86 Randall 86 122.9
86 Andley 86 121.5
86 Yuveshen 86 121.5
86 Dewald 86 120.3
86 Shalin 86 115.5
86 Ashley 86 115
86 Nishen 86 114
86 Sagie 86 102.7
86 Albie 86 102
8Cyl Albert Lexus ISF 257.9 X
Toyota Boosted Classes
4Cyl Boosted Sarel Escort 4A-GZE Turbo 241.5 X
4Cyl Boosted Dion Conquest 4A-GZE Turbo 219.9
4Cyl Boosted Heinrich RunX RSi 2ZZ-GE Turbo 215.3
4Cyl Boosted Nishan MR2 1ZZ-FE Turbo 163.2
4Cyl Boosted Rob Green 86 FA20 Supercharged 162.9
4Cyl Boosted Rajiv RunX TRD 2ZZ-GE Supercharged 122.7
6Cyl Boosted Iligo Supra 2JZ-GTE 337.4 X
6Cyl Boosted Deon Supra 2JZ-GTE 317.2
6Cyl Boosted Ross Supra 7M-GTE 309.1
6Cyl Boosted Llewellyn Supra 2JZ-GTE 268.2
6Cyl Boosted Hein Hilux 2JZ-GTE 248.5
6Cyl Boosted Megan Supra 2JZ-GTE 200.8
Other Manufacturers Classes
4Cyl N/A Jeffrey Honda Civic TypeR 119.7 X
4Cyl N/A Rob Honda Civic TypeR 119.1
4Cyl N/A Aidan Honda Civic TypeR 118.8
4Cyl N/A Jarrod Honda Civic TypeR 118.6
4Cyl N/A Derick Honda Civic TypeR 117.2
4Cyl N/A Nic Jetta2 16v 117
4Cyl N/A Deon Golf1 16v 116.4
4Cyl N/A Donovan Honda Civic TypeR 116.3
6Cyl N/A Sumeshan BMW 325i 125.3 X
8Cyl N/A JP BMW M3 226 X
8Cyl N/A Mitesh Audi RS4 177.7
8Cyl N/A Limon Jeep 161.6
4Cyl Boosted Walter Opel Astra TS 392.8 X
4Cyl Boosted Kalen Opel Superboss Turbo 388.1
4Cyl Boosted Satish Opel Superboss Turbo 331.2
4Cyl Boosted Ronald Subaru Impreza 252.5
4Cyl Boosted Thasveer Mazda MPS 245.1
4Cyl Boosted Oliver Subaru Impreza 243
4Cyl Boosted Kaveek Audi S3 175.7
4Cyl Boosted Lee Subaru Impreza 175.6
4Cyl Boosted Ureve Audi A4 2.0T 172.6
4Cyl Boosted Kreasen Opel Corsa OPC 124.8
6Cyl Boosted Dinesan Nissan GTR R35 336.3 X
6Cyl Boosted Sanjay BMW M3 Supercharged 302.5