Words: Rajiv Hurribunce
Pics: Righardt Guse, Kimesh Naidoo

A warm welcome to all Toyota fans and club members. We’re in 2014 and to formally kick start the year we had our annual general meeting at Zwartkops Raceway on Sunday the 2nd of March.

This being a formal event where we generally introduce the committee and the attractions for the new year. We couldn’t just stop there though. A full Show ‘n Shine, Dyno and Rev-It competition was held to yet again showcase some of the country’s best. Participants were treated to awesome lucky draw prizes which included roadside assistance kits sponsored by McCarthy Toyota Centurion, car care kits from Meguires and a R10 000 discount voucher for a supercharger install from RMS Innovations.

To add to that, some of the countries finest service providers and tuners were added to the mix. Meguiar’s being in the looks department headed up the Show ‘n Shine while RGMotorsport took care of the dyno winners held at AMS Tuning’s dyno. Speed and Sound magazine covered the media side of things while our latest addition to the Toyota aftermarket industry Fastoy Performance held the Rev-It competition and showed off their products.

A full RC circuit and cars were brought in by RC Freaks for entertainment for everyone who attended, right next to the Castrol Team on tour who brought in a 3D experience virtual show too.

Despite the setbacks caused by the rain, our fellow Toyota fans still got together for an awesome show. The formalities were done by the chairman Kimesh and he introduced the rest of the committee to the public, this can be found on the committee web-page.

Every year our members and followers surprise us with some crazy builds and this year our Show ‘n Shine judges from Meguiar’s and McCarthy Toyota Centurion were quite taken back by Nico’s KE70 Corolla. It showed absolutely impeccable attention to detail from back to front and was a very deserving winner. Not that the competition wasn’t stiff either, the judges had to look back at their decisions a few times before making it final.

The dyno was lit up by a few big horsepower Toyota’s and they need no more introduction, some good figures were produced all round. As for the Rev-It competition, there’s very few sounds sweeter than a Toyota engine screaming all the way to its limit – its favourite place to be – and as you would’ve guessed, our competitors were far from shy to get it there. From stock to modded, fans lined up to get a shot at the DB meter and another win goes to the old school Boxie for the sweetest sound of the day. Like a good single malt, old Toyotas don’t die, they only get better!

Overall we had a great turn out considering we had some of the wettest days of the season trying to hold us back our crew showed relentless enthusiasm to make it worthwhile for everyone who took the time to come through. Needless to say, they were more than pleased.

On that note we would like to thank all the suppliers and service providers for the huge amounts of giveaways and prizes, as well as having their participation on the day. Similarly, a big thanks to everyone who came to support and part-take. We wish you all the best for the new year. Take a peek at our 2014 calendar (it will be handed out free at our events) as there’s an action-packed year ahead of us!


86 Alan Groom 93.4 143 X
86 Nishan 86.2 124
16V Gus 68.5 112 X
16V Yusuf Khan 60.1 114
20V Yagyaa Adams 77.9 121 X
20V Timothy van Rooyen 77.6 111
20V Farhad Bhamjee 76.2 113
20V Trevolin Moodley 75.5 113
20V Abishek Kalika 74.4 119
20V Timothy van Rooyen 74 106
20V James 69.3 110
X (2ZZ-GE) Righardt Guse 101.9 139 X
X (2ZZ-GE) Sathveer Dabideen 97.2 133
X (2ZZ-GE) Vivasen Govender 93.4 127
X (2ZZ-GE) Yudhesh Naidu 88.7 121
4 CYL Supercharged Rikus (RMS) 154.4 239 X
4 CYL Supercharged Llewellyn Duvenhage 146.7 207
4 CYL Supercharged RGM 144.4 212
4 CYL Supercharged Richard Miller 106.8 184
6 CYL Boosted RGM 191.8 354 X
8 CYL N/A Amith Dabideen 196.8 337 X
Open Boosted Ryan Mathew 303.8 544 X
Open Boosted Dominic Ohtong 133.5 255
Open N/A Sam Moodley 116.9 205 X

Show n Shine:
Queen Bee:  Alycia Ramlucken – Yaris TS
As it Rolled off the Showroom Floor:  Sameer Alli – Box Corolla
Passion for Performance:  Nico Fourie – Box Corolla
If Looks Could Kill:  Pieter Mostert – Avante GLi
Sound in Motion:  Danie de Villiers – Corolla RSi
Neat & Discreet:  Krishen Ramsamy – Corolla RXi
Lowest Average Mileage:  Muhammed Mulla – 86 (2244km/year)
Highest Average Mileage:  Kimesh Naidoo – Corolla RXi (27664km/year)
One Toy to Rule Them All:  Nico Fourie – Box Corolla

Aadil Khan – 119dB – WINNER: 4 or Less Cylinders
Timothy van Rooyen – 117dB – WINNER: Best Exhaust Note
Dewald Luce – 117dB
Rickus Strydon – 115dB
Arnold moodley – 109.2dB
Joash Soobramanian – 108.9dB
Yudhesh Naidu – 108.1dB
Sathveer Dabideen – 105.1dB
Vivasen Govender – 100.5dB
Amith Dabideen – 96dB – WINNER: 6 or More Cylinders
Alycia Ramlucken – 93.7dB