Words: Rajiv Hurribunce
Pics: Righardt Guse

TTCC and MOCSA combined efforts once again, working towards a worthy cause and we both are proud to announce the success of our joint venture.

The initiative kicked off with a charity dyno day held at Rightway Development during November 2013. All proceeds and donations were combined and club members along with followers joined a breakfast braai run to the deserving NPOs,  the Paul Jungnickel Home and the Kungwini Welfare Organisation.

Being proudly South African, there is one meal sure to put a smile on the faces of everyone from kiddies to senior citizens, and that’s some good ol’ braai-vleis and a boerie-roll! So our kind givers provided everything from rolls, meat, cold-drinks, charcoal….In fact, everything we needed to give the less-fortunate a hearty morning lunch.

Two large convoy points gathered to one in Pretoria and we lead ourselves toward the KWO site in Pretoria, with a truck-full of donated items and car boots packed to capacity. Nobody was shy, we even had an ex Speed ‘n Sound feature car packed right up. Goes to show the dedication from our members and we are very proud & thankful to all of you ladies and gents that came through and participated, no matter how big or small.

 Upon reaching KWO we were greeted with great big smiles and a few nervous faces, nevertheless that nervousness quickly dissipated when the ladies from our bunch got the kids into a train-dance spanning 30 people! It was great seeing the young ones be free and enjoy some old fashioned fun in the sun. Meanwhile, also in the sun, were our trusty braai-meisters with braai tongs in hand and lightning fast reflexes preparing all the meat in seemingly record time to feed the hungry, excited bunch of people at KWO. 150 people I must add, excluding the KWO staff and TTCC/MOCSA members.

There are people in this world that hardly stop to consider those around them that have less, and not even the basics that we all quite often take for granted.

Then there are those who open their lives and hearts out completely toward assisting and providing for these less-fortunate people … and among these great people are the staff at KWO. It is truly amazing to see what they do and how dedicated they are in this immense task. The people at KWO suffer from many types of illnesses, mental disorders, abuse and various other unfortunate cases that render them incapable for taking care of themselves. It is a tall order to do this for so many people and for this we take our hats off to those brave, strong and willful members of KWO.

We at TTCC and MOCSA got together to provide a wide variety of donations from appliances and furniture, to bulk food items and clothing. Very large contributions were donated toward the Makro and Dis-Chem accounts for increasing medical needs, as well as cash for other requirements of running such an entity. Transportation, collection and storage of the donated items was also provided. On a more personal note, our thanks extends to all the club members and friends that provided assistance, it was brilliant having all of you with us. To KWO we thank you for having us with you and giving us incite, opening our minds to such selfless work and to how we can do more to assist, it was truly a great learning experience for us all. We wish everyone at KWO the best for the future and hope they all live peaceful happy lives, and that we can come visit again very soon.

The TTCC would like to thank everyone who supported this Charity drive:

Our co-hosts, MOCSA
Dean and team at Rightway Auto Developments
E. Coetzee
F.C.T. Coetzee
Godrich Toyota
C. Briedenhann
A.D. Hargovan
Rightway Auto Developments
Time Link Cargo
United Muslim Meat Supply
SSE (Gauteng)
Fastoy Performance
Lynnwood Toyota
Zubair Bouskatt
Krypton Action Bar

Item Donations List:
– ZookieJDM
– Biren
– Righardt & Christelle
– Heinrich & Cecelia
– Erich & Lainy
– Vivasen & family
– Valencia Francis
– Pragasen

***There are some individuals we may have missed out. If we have missed your details out, please drop us a mail at: events@twincamclub.co.za