This years Track day was really something else. First off I would like to thank Toyota South Africa and especially Ferdi de Vos for his commitment to the club and for providing us with the Aygo Crazy what an awesome little car. Thank you to the Toyota Advanced drivers who were there on the day to provide us with insight on how to run your car safely at race speed round the track. All in all it was really an awesome day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. We did have some laughs on the day as someone lost it on turn 8 and parked his conquest facing the way it came from (names will not be mentioned).
We had an array of cars there AE82 conquests N/A, supercharged and turbo ones and they really flew round the track there was a very neat 20v as well as the blue AE 92 running a 20v power plant, to think a year ago it went round the track as a normal 1.3. then there were the two avante’s that went round together which made me feel like I was in the 80’s when the 4AGE’s reigned supreme round the tracks in the world. The two MR2 spyder’s also learned something on the day it the top is down its just to cruise.
Toyota also borrowed us one of their rally drivers on the day to take the Aygo round and did it fly round I personally did not have the pleasure of going round in it but it seemed as if all the people that did go really enjoyed it to the max. So enough of my talking I will let the photos do the talking. Thank you to all who enjoyed the day with us and thank you for your support.
Here is a link to a write up that the boys did on speedhunters on the Aygo Crazy