The morning started off with rain which I think put a lot off people off, however the rain played a great role in keeping the skidpan wet most of the day. We started off with registration as we had the afternoon session and there were 20 entrants on the day which made it enough so that everyone could have loads of fun on the day. Toyota South Africa was kind enough to send us one of there advanced driving instructors on the day.

We started off with braking on wet surfaces and all cars that had ABS were disconnected so the focus was drive in a straight line lock the wheels up and try and turn the vehicle end result was you go into a straight slide. There is the poor mans ABS as they would call it and that would be done by applying the brakes and when they lock up you release them and apply them again by doing that continuously you are mimicking how ABS works.

We then proceeded to do under steer and over steer by driving in a circle if you had a fwd car accelerating hard would make you under steer then if you pulled the hand brake up the rear end would come out and you will be over steering. If for example you had a rwd car like me over steer is fun as you power sliding your car and for me personally that is a lot of fun when you get it right.

We then tried our hand at a hand brake turn the object was to park your car sideways in the block of cones that was set out this however seemed to really show how people could handle their cars as a few people struggled with this.

We then proceeded to do a gymkhana and that was the part of the day that everyone was waiting for. There seemed to be a lot of rivalry between everyone as the wane brothers were the ones to beat at the event. In the end Owen Warne took 1st place with Earl Warne in 2nd place myself  Pieter Roodt took home 3rd. I would like to thank Toyota South Africa for a really awesome event and to everyone that organized it well done. I know everyone can not wait for the next one.

Here are the results of the gymkhana event.

OWEN WARNE                             35.3
EARL WARNE                              36.9
PIETER ROODT                            38.1
JODY PONNUSAMI                    38.3
ALAN LUCK                                  38.3
CALVIN COETZEE                      39.8
COLLIN WARNE                         40.00
MARTIN BROWN                       40.3
PIETER MOSTERT                      40.3
ANDREW LUCK                           41.00
DONOVAN OZARIO                  41.00
KIMI                                               41.08
RICHARD MILLAR                   42.1
WENDY WARNE                        42.5
DIAN HOBSON                            42.8
CINDY SHEER                             43.1
CHARDE’ TALOR                        44.1
DOUG FARREL                            45.2

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